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Welcome to The Foundation for Global Scholars

Our Services

Our Offering

The Foundation for Global Scholars offers a myriad of services to its users. These services include:

Online Courses

Our university offers up to ten online courses, each taught by a professional tutor. If you're interested in one of our online programs, you can sign up and get access to affordable but high-quality education.


Do you want to conduct specific research? We offer the tools and resources that you can use to advance your research parameters.

Networking Opportunities

We have a forum where scholars can meet and deliberate on the latest education issues. When you join our group, we will add you to this forum. This is an excellent way to expand your professional network and increase your circle of friends.


Corporations and individuals use our services when they want to hire new employees. They trust our judgment and our ability to search for and get the best talent. If you want to get the best talent in the field, you need to contact us.

Market Research

Today's business world is dynamic. The way businesses access and dominate markets is changing every year. We can help you stay ahead of the latest trends. Our market research team is on the lookout for any market shifts.


We offer business and political consultants to our clients. If you just started a new business or want to enter the political fray, you can hire us as your consultants. We will offer hiring and strategic planning advice.

Team member

We feel very proud for our great achievement

We initially started with only one online course and one service. By 2015, we had hired enough tutors. As a result, we have added other courses, such as videography, animation, and human rights